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Analyze The Requirements For Waste Paper Baler

August 28, 2023

(1) Abrasion resistance standard
After the parts of the waste paper baler are worn out, the original structure shape and size will be changed, which will reduce the accuracy of the machine, weaken the strength, cause the parts to fail, and seriously cause the equipment to be scrapped. Among the scrapped equipment parts, most of them are caused by wear. Therefore, in the design of equipment, always strive to enhance the wear resistance of the components and reduce the wear of the components as much as possible.
(2) Vibration stability standard
There are many vibration sources that change over time on the waste paper baler, such as backlash meshing of gears, eccentric rotation of uranium, and so on. When the vibration frequency of the equipment or component is close to or equal to the frequency of the periodic interference force, resonance will occur, which is called the loss of vibration stability. Resonance not only affects the normal operation of the equipment, but also produces noise, which may cause damage to the waste paper baler.
(3) Heat resistance standard
When the parts work at high temperatures, creep occurs (the stress in the metal is constant, often low stress, but slow and continuous plastic deformation occurs), which will reduce the upper limit of its strength, the upper limit of fatigue, and destroy the normal lubrication conditions.

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