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Advantages of Nigerian straw balers

October 7, 2022

1. The straw baler is mainly suitable for corn straw, wheat straw, straw , sorghum straw, alfalfa straw, etc.
2. Straw balers make paper reuse and reduce waste. Straw balers currently cover a wide range of industries, and the demand is increasing. The emerging industry of straw balers has quickly occupied the important role of straw balers in my country In the machinery industry, our automatic horizontal straw baler has beautiful appearance, easy operation and maintenance, and high safety factor. The straw baler currently has good rigidity and stability, and has been widely used in straw baler factories, Waste recycling companies and other unit enterprises.
3. The use of straw balers to pack our discarded things not only protects the environment, but also re-uses the discarded things.
4. Reduce the area occupied by storage and facilitate transportation.
5. The operation is simple and the use is convenient, which also increases the income for the enterprise.
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