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Advantages of Indian reed balers

May 31, 2022

Advantages of reed baler

Reed baler, straw baler, hydraulic baler
Looking at the reserves of reed leaves in India are sufficient, but the utilization efficiency is very low. The larger factor is that the growth and development of reed leaves are far away from the industrial production area, and the logistics and freight of reed leaves are included in the cost of utilization. Accounted for a relatively large proportion. In order to save costs and make full use of reed leaves in a reasonable and effective manner, it is necessary to pack the reed leaves, and deal with the obvious loss of tons due to the loose capacity of the reed leaves and the small relative density of the reed leaves during logistics transportation. The reed leaves can be packaged by the baler, thereby increasing the relative density of the reed leaves, effectively reducing the logistics freight, and improving the utilization efficiency of the reed leaves.
At this stage, domestic and foreign countries have already had relatively mature scientific research and application of plant fiber raw material packaging machinery, and have also won relatively large progress in the framework of referring to foreign technology applications, and have developed relatively mature and mature model. However, the construction targets of these packaging machinery are forage grass, wheat and other thin and short plant fiber raw materials. The application of scientific research on the packaging technology of tall, thick and hard stem plants such as reed leaves is relatively small, and the package type is relatively small. The density is low.
Therefore, a Baler machine is needed to pack and compress the reeds. The baler produced by NKBALER is small in size and convenient to place without being restricted by the site. The integrated structure design has high stability, integrated installation-free, and ready to use when power is on. It adopts multi-cylinder linkage, which occupies small longitudinal space, large pressure, long stroke, large package block size, convenient loading, no loss in transportation, and saving transportation cost. It adopts a side door structure design, which is suitable for users with different needs.
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