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Advantages of foam automatic baler

November 3, 2022

Foam baling Machine, Foam Fully Automatic
The foam automatic baler is mainly suitable for waste paper, plastic, iron filings, cotton, wool, waste paper, waste paper boxes, waste cardboard, yarn, tobacco leaves, plastics, cloth, woven bags, knitted wool, hemp, sacks, Compression packaging of loose materials such as wool tops, hair balls, cocoons, silk, hops, wheat firewood, grass, etc., which reduces the volume and facilitates packaging, transportation and storage space. It has the characteristics of compact structure, economical and practical, easy operation and safety. It is an ideal equipment for material packaging, waste recycling and other industries to get rich.
Foam baler product advantages:
1. This machine is suitable for: compressing and baling machine waste paper, straw, straw, plastic and other loose materials
2. The machine adopts a low-noise hydraulic circuit system and adopts imported hydraulic accessories; the performance of the whole machine is stable and low vibration.
3. Reasonable design of double scissors improves paper cutting efficiency and prolongs service life.
4. Equipped with a conveyor belt with anti-slip, large conveying capacity and strong load capacity
5. Easy installation, no site infrastructure required
6. Oil circuit design; save energy and increase output.
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