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Advantages of Canadian mineral water bottle Baler

September 15, 2021

The mineral water bottle Baler machine is suitable for the compression and Baler of fluffy materials such as waste paper, plastic beverage bottles, etc. The machine is composed of a main machine (frame, hydraulic system, electric control system) and a conveyor belt.
The mineral water bottle Baler machine has reasonable design, simple operation, convenient maintenance, and low failure rate. It is trusted by waste Baler stations and paper mills.
Advantages of mineral water bottle Baler machine:
1. Rugged and durable: All hydraulic cylinders use high-quality sealing rings, which are reliable in quality and prolong their service life.
2. Convenient maintenance: improves labor efficiency and saves manpower; doubles the volume of items, reduces transportation costs, and facilitates handling and processing.
3. Easy to operate and widely applicable: It is divided into closed-door and open-door structures. The closed-door structure can make the Baler density larger, which is suitable for compressing and Baler more items, hydraulic opening and closing, manual strapping, and quick operation.

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