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Advantages of Cambodian Gantry Shearing Machine

November 11, 2021

The gantry shearing machine has high equipment level, good quality of processed products, scientific design and reasonable configuration. It not only adopts digital control, but also pays more attention to intelligence to adapt to large-scale industrial production.
The gantry shearing machine is designed with humanity. From loading to finished product, the auxiliary time and labor intensity are reduced as much as possible, and the maintenance is convenient.
Gantry shears are used for the cutting of various metal plates. It is an ideal equipment for steel rolling mills, non-ferrous metal plants, smelting plants, charge processing, and scrap metal recycling. It is suitable for various plate processing and shearing into various specifications of materials. .
At present, the gantry hydraulic shearing machine on the market has a compact design and stable mechanical performance. The shearing cylinder is connected by a ball hinge, which improves the stability and use time of the cylinder. The front plate guide device is also added to improve the stress condition of the equipment. The equipment adopts electro-hydraulic control, simple operation, and can realize inching and linkage automatic circulation. It is one of the ideal equipment in the metal recycling and processing industry.

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The NICKBALER gantry shearing machine adopts hydraulic transmission, which has the advantages of smooth movement, convenient operation, large cutting section, and convenient adjustment of the scissors mouth.