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Adjustment before using the straw baler

October 22, 2021

The straw baler is a kind of equipment with a low degree of automation among the balers. Many users have used it. Even this kind of machine can work without any parameter setting. In fact, the straw baler is in the process of use. There are still many small details that need to be adjusted in order to achieve better use.
1. Adjust the length of the belt. The Baler machine will automatically send out a piece of Baler tape every time the work is completed, so that it can be very convenient for the next time Baler. However, many people do not know the setting of this parameter. It is very labor intensive and the work efficiency is relatively low. You can adjust the length of the belt by turning the knob on the panel of the Baler.
2. Adjustment of tightening force. The straw baler generally does not have a tightening force adjustment knob on the panel, but what if the user has a greater demand for tightening force? You can achieve this by rotating the spindle of the baler, and the spindle of the spindle is continuously rotated. Rotate inward to compress the spring inside and adjust the tightening force.
3. Adjustment of cooling time. Users who are familiar with the Baler machine know that the cooling time of the Baler machine is actually the time for the Baler tape to fully bond. Generally, if the quality of the Baler tape used by the user is better, the cooling time needs to be adjusted longer, so that it can be The straps are more fully bonded.

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