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  • The waste paper baler is used to extrude waste paper and similar products under normal conditions, and is packaged and formed by special packaging belts, so that the volume thereof is greatly reduced, thereby reducing the transportation volume, saving freight, and increasing the efficiency for the enterprise. Introduced advanced technology and advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad.

    The horizontal waste paper baler produced can achieve the following three functions.
    1. Investment economic requirements, no matter what investment.
    Skills to meet production needs can be investment or economic requirements. The semi-automatic horizontal waste paper baler can meet the packaging capacity of waste paper below 100 tons per day, which is much lower than the price of the fully automatic waste paper baler. Low investment costs, high production efficiency, use processes, and maintenance and repair are all simple. It allows customers to handle faults extremely quickly during use, reducing downtime.
       2. Meet the reliability requirements.
    The reliability requirement refers to the probability that the horizontal waste paper baler can work normally under the specified use time and the predetermined curved environment.
    3. Implement the predetermined function.

    The horizontal waste paper baler equipment designed by the designer can achieve the predetermined function and efficiency under the specified working conditions and within the specified life span, and can operate normally

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  • Waste paper baler is a mechatronics product, mainly composed of mechanical system, control system, loading system and power system. The whole packaging process consists of auxiliary time such as pressing, returning, carrying, transferring, outbound, outbound, and receiving.

    Let's follow the nick company to find out from which three aspects of the manufacturer to improve the steady growth of the sales of waste paper balers?

    1. Improve the pre-sales and after-sales service of the baler. After-sales service is also one of the means of enterprise competition. It is a very effective way to maintain the brand effect of the company. This not only can greatly increase the credibility of the company, but also build us. A more scientific way of selling, a good reputation is the intangible assets of the company.
    2. First of all, it is necessary to analyze the current waste paper baler market and make a correct market judgment. Only by providing customers with cost-effective and high-quality waste carton baler equipment can they continue to win the favor of consumers. The sales market will be stable, and the growth rate will be stable. Only the continuous reform of waste paper baler technology is the prerequisite for maintaining its market share growth.

    3. Constantly develop and research new and highly automated waste paper baler products, which is similar to the development of enterprises. Only by constantly seeking new and good products can the company's waste paper baler products be brought to market. At the forefront, in order to gain an advantage in the market competition, in order to win more new customers.

  • The straw baler is an environmental protection device that utilizes the hydraulic principle to compress straw, straw, etc. into pieces, which is conducive to the savings, transportation and utilization of straw. Now widely used in the agricultural animal husbandry industry, it has played a huge role in the protection of the environment and resources.

    What are the factors affecting the quality of straw balers?
    The color of the straw baler: The straw baler on the market is generally white (other colors should be bright), the quality is better, because these are not easy to mix old materials.
    The appearance of the straw baler: the straw baler has good toughness, and the straw baler is repeatedly folded, and the toughness is not easy to break. Pattern problem, the pattern should be beautiful, and there should be no pressure deviation.
    The size of the straw baler is judged: the width and width error of the straw baler are generally plus or minus 0.3 mm. Such a baler belt has a uniform material discharge and a relatively uniform quality, and does not appear to be in a good or bad condition.
    Judging by the cross section of the straw baler: Some straw balers are made of new materials outside, and the middle clamps are filled with materials. As long as the cut section is cut, you can see that the black heart inside is poor quality.

    The gloss of the straw baler: the straw baler should have a gloss, so the straw baler is generally produced in full material. The tension is stable. If the baler is mixed with powder, the gloss will be greatly reduced.

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  • The waste plastic hydraulic baler is mainly suitable for the packaging of loose materials, such as waste plastics, cartons, straw, wheat straw, straw, beverage bottles and other compression packaging.

    1. Hydraulic configuration: The regenerative oil has a fast and low-noise hydraulic circuit system. It combines imported and domestic high-quality components to ensure the quality and reduce the cost, and the performance of the whole machine is stable.
    2. Electrical configuration: PLC control is adopted to make the circuit simple, the failure rate is low, and the inspection and elimination are simple and fast.
    3. Shearing knife: The internationally-used scissors design is adopted to improve the cutting efficiency and extend the service life of the blade.
    4, wire feeder: the latest international wire tying device, saving wire, fast binding, low failure rate, easy to clean and maintain.
    5. Conveyor: The conveyor belt adopts new PVC material, which is resistant to corrosion and aging, and has the advantages of non-slip fall, large conveying capacity and strong load capacity.
    6, the length is free to set, accurately record the package value.
    7. Easy installation, simple foundation construction, no need for foundation reinforcement.

  • waste paper Hydraulic balers should use hydraulic oil that is less affected by temperature changes

    waste paper Hydraulic baler hydraulic oil contaminated materials are solid contaminants such as chips, foundry sand, dust, welding slag, liquid contaminants such as moisture, hydraulic baler cleaning oil, as well as air mixed from the atmosphere or hydraulic oil from hydraulic baler Separated air pollutants such as air. These hydraulic baler contaminants are often the source of hydraulic baler hydraulic components or fuel tanks in the manufacture, transportation and assembly, as well as improper cleaning and remain in the system. Hydraulic oil plays a vital role. Hydraulic balers require strict hydraulic fluid requirements when working. Pay attention to the working viscosity of the hydraulic oil, the working temperature and the cleanliness of the working environment. The viscosity of hydraulic oil is sensitive to temperature changes.

    The temperature rise of the hydraulic baler will significantly reduce the temperature of the hydraulic baler hydraulic oil. Conversely, the change of the viscosity of the hydraulic baler hydraulic oil will directly affect the working performance and leakage of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic baler. Use oils whose viscosity is less affected by temperature changes (or better viscosity-temperature characteristics). Temperature control devices (such as heaters or coolers) are sometimes placed in the hydraulic baler tank to control and adjust the hydraulic baler oil temperature to reduce the viscosity change of the hydraulic fluid.
  • The hydraulic system is a complex collection of mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and other fields, so once the system fails, it is more troublesome to eliminate. To analyze the cause of the fault, first of all, to have an overall understanding of the role of each component in the schematic diagram, to understand the hydraulic system schematic diagram, and then to analyze and troubleshoot according to the fault phenomenon. The flow of the transmission medium in the hydraulic system in the components and pipelines is not visible outside, so it brings certain difficulties to the troubleshooting. Therefore, the relevant personnel must have strong analytical capabilities, and the whole system is complicated. Identify the cause of the failure and eliminate it in the connection relationship.waste paper hydraulic baler is one of using the hydraulic system equipment .

    1 Hydraulic Drive System Fault Overview
    1.1 Fault division

    According to the causes of hydraulic system failure, it can be roughly divided into three categories: (1) abnormal pressure value. In order to effectively monitor the operation of the hydraulic system, a lot of pressure test points are reserved during the pipeline design, and the pressure gauge is installed to monitor the detection points. By comparing with the normal values, the hydraulic components with abnormal pressure can be found in time. Pressure loss is: pressure loss along the path, partial pressure loss. When the pressure is overloaded, the relief valve overflows. When the relief valve is not working properly, the system pressure cannot be guaranteed normally, which requires us to effectively monitor the operation of the hydraulic system; (2) the flow rate is abnormal. When the hydraulic system is in operation, the oil output from the hydraulic pump enters the hydraulic cylinder to force the seal volume formed by the cylinder and the piston to increase, resulting in movement of the piston (or hydraulic cylinder). Its speed of movement is related to the flow into the hydraulic cylinder. So first check to see if there is any leak in the connection in the working system. By adjusting the throttle valve, the speed regulating valve and the variable pump variable mechanism one by one according to the schematic diagram, the speed range value of the actuator is observed, and then compared with the design value to determine; (3) the operation is abnormal. The abnormal reaction of the work is that the action of the actuator is largely different from the predetermined one, and the work process is accompanied by vibration, noise, high working temperature, and large hydraulic shock. Perform a switching test on each of the reversing valves to see if the action of each actuator is normal, and then find the abnormality, then check the execution sequence and stroke control to find the more information ,please contact : 

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