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  • Waste sorting has become an indispensable part of the daily life of every citizen.
     For the treatment of sorted garbage, it currently looks like this:

    1. The recyclable garbage is sorted by the staff and re-entered the renewable resource recycling network; 

    2. The kitchen waste is collected and processed by corresponding professional companies for the production of biogas;

    3. Hazardous garbage is also handed over to a specialized hazardous waste treatment plant for harmless treatment after selection; 

    4. Other garbage is sent by the property company to a garbage transfer station and then to a waste incineration power plant for incineration or another sanitary landfill.

    In the first case, the recovered waste paper, cardboard boxes, newspapers, bottles, cardboard boxes, etc. are sent to the corresponding packing station for packing treatment, and then recycled again. It can be seen that the waste paper baler plays a key role in this more information ,please visit us
  • Shaanxi Nick Machinery is a large company specializing in renewable resource production equipment. It mainly includes waste paper balers, plastic balers, and metal balers. It mainly faces some recycling companies. So what do we usually see after the waste paper and plastic recycling, what role does it bring to our lives, I hope the following data will help you.

    We classify and dispose of used and waste items in order to reduce environmental pollution, make full use of resources, and strive to build a better society.

    So, how are all the used and waste items treated? "

    1. Milk beverage paper packaging generally has 6 layers, of which the content of pulp, aluminum and plastic are about 75%, 5% and 20%, respectively. This combination can block air and light as much as possible, so that milk or beverage is not easy to spoil.

    This kind of packaging is a 100% recyclable resource. After consumption, the packaging undergoes effective waste sorting and processing. After it enters the recycling process, it can be “transformed” into recycled paper, color music board, and plastic after it is recycled. Recycled products such as particles and aluminum powder.

    2. Recycling one ton of waste paper can produce 0.8 tons of good paper, which can save three cubic meters of wood (equivalent to cutting 17 adult trees), one ton of standard coal, 200 cubic meters of water, and 600 kWh of electricity. Can reduce three cubic meters of landfill space and about 100 cubic meters of sewage and a large amount of waste gas. Due to the sharp rise in the price of wood pulp, domestic waste newspapers have become a resource vying for by major paper mills across the country. The new ink removal process is used to remove the ink on waste newspapers, treat it into pulp, and add a certain proportion of wood pulp to produce high-quality new paper more information ,please visit us :

  • What is the most important issue in today's society ,that is the issue of environmental protection. Environmental protection has become an important part of people's lives.

    As small as every family, every business, as large as every celebrity, country, they have a deeper understanding and responsibility for environmental issues.

    However, while each country is developing, it has brought some pollution and damage to the environment.
    Therefore, every country now advocates protecting the environment, and at the same time, the policy of separating household waste and implementing environmentally friendly products for industry,
    At present, industries that are closely related to people's lives, such as waste paper recycling industry, crop straw industry, all have new industrial equipment,
    Such as waste paper baler, straw baler, etc. all use the hydraulic environmental protection principle to reduce environmental pollution,
    Firstly, the waste paper baler is also suitable for compressing and sorting waste paper, waste plastic, clothes, metal, etc. separately, so that it can be recycled again.

    It is not harmful to the environment. For the straw baler, during the maturation of the crop, the straw baler is used to compress and pack the returned straw to be used for crops or animal feed, which prevents the phenomenon of burning in the atmosphere. . Our straw hydraulic baler manufacturer should start from itself and carry out our company's sustainable development strategy! as more information ,please visit :

  • When you first came to work and live in the United States, do you not know which one to throw the garbage into in the face of a colorful and clearly divided trash bin? Do n’t dangle beside the trash can. Today, our hometown will teach you how to do garbage sorting in the United States. It will also help the environment department workers to better recycle the garbage and turn waste into treasure.This way can help you to use correct waste paper Baler Machine or metal baler machin ,even plastic baler 

    (I) Indoor trash can

    1. Kitchen waste and all other non-recyclable garbage.
    2. All paper products, such as rolls of letters, newspapers, magazines, advertisements, express cardboard boxes, paper bags, toilet paper, kitchen paper, etc., paper egg boxes, food packaging boxes (the parts that do not come into contact with food)
    The staples on the paper do not need to be removed, but please remove the paper clips and clips and put them in a recycleable trash bin. The transparent visible frame on the letter, although it looks like plastic, also belongs to this category.

    Note that all boxes must be flattened and recovered, otherwise they take up too much volume. The tape on the cardboard box of the express delivery should be removed as much as possible. The tape belongs to the trash and should be put in the kitchen trash.
    Trash that looks like paper but can't be put in the paper trash:
    Paper house-like milk boxes, soy milk boxes, juice boxes, etc. (The lid is separated from the box. After the box is guaranteed to be free of liquid, it will be squashed and thrown into a recycleable trash bin;
    Kitchen paper (whether used or not);
    Polyester film, commonly known as tape;
    Plastic paper, wax paper;
    Frozen food packaging box (whether or not it touches the food, because the carton is soaked with water after freezing, and the paper trash can only recycle dry items.
    3. Other recycleable

    Plastics: All those with triangle recyclable signs No. 1 ~ 7 can be recycled. For example, the box containing vegetables, the box of the yogurt box (be sure to rinse it), disposable tableware, and the water bottle (the bottle body needs to be separated from the bottle cap).

    Plastics not classified as recyclable:
    Plastic bags, although some plastic bags will be marked with the number 1 or 2, but this only indicates the material of the plastic bag, it does not mean that it can be recycled. When you go to the supermarket to buy food, please bring these plastic bags, reuse them, or use them as garbage bags, and finally put them in the kitchen trash. Polyester foam plastic boxes, such as takeaway meal boxes, meat trays in supermarkets, etc.
    plastic wrap;
    Plastic products containing electronic components.
    Scrap metal: waste, non-container metals belong to this category, such as some hangers are brass products; also foil paper (aluminum paper) used in the oven, if the surface oil can Rinse thoroughly, and then put it into a recycleable bin; if it cannot be washed out, throw it in a kitchen trash bin.
    Metal items that are not recyclable scrap:
    Fluorescent bulbs and tubes;
    Metal containers: Common food cans are recyclable metal containers, such as cans, canned food cans, disposable baking trays, metal lids, and tin foil trays under the stove. In addition, see Scrap Metals. The foil on the top of the yogurt must be separated from the box and rinsed before recycling.
    Glass: Glass products that can be recycled include glass jars, glass bottles, etc. The color of the glass does not affect whether it can be recycled. However, automotive glass, ceramics, fluorescent tubes or bulbs, mirrors, glass windows, Prex bowls, wine glasses, all dishes and cups, and glass vases do not fall into this category.

  • Your business relies on waste paper or cardboard box. It’s hard to imagine how products would make it in and out without waste paper or cardboard box.
    But although waste paper or cardboard box is essential, it takes up a lot of room when you’re done using it, thus taking up space in your facility that could otherwise be put to better use.
    Enter the waste paper baler or cardboard box baler.
    These devices allow you compress waste paper or cardboard box into small, manageable bales, giving you less waste to deal with. They’re incredibly useful devices, but like any machinery, you need to exercise precautions when using them.
    training for waste paper or cardboard box balerHere are a few ways to make sure you’re using your waste paper Baler machinesafely.
    1. Train your team
    Safety starts with proper training. Make sure everyone on your team has gotten proper instruction from qualified personnel on how to run the baler. Encourage them to study the operator manual and document training at each stage.
    2. Not everyone can use the baler
    If you have any employees who are under 18, keep them away from the baler. Not only is this a good practice in terms of safety, it’s the law
    3. Never ignore warning labels
    Warning labels on your waste paper Baler machine should be kept well-maintained and put in places where they are easy to read. Some must-have warnings may include pinch-points, high voltage and operator age.
    4. Pay attention to removal rules
    Your baler might turn your old waste paper or cardboard box into a compact cube, but those bales will still be pretty big and heavy. Make sure you’ve trained your workers on the right way to handle the equipment you’ll need to remove and store those bales. Your facility needs to have the right conditions to store and stack the bales safely.
    5. Electrics and hydraulics
    Most balers operate using intense hydraulic pressure, which means addressing any oil or liquid leaks and/or spills as soon as possible, as these can alter the pressure affect the effectiveness of the baler.
    Inspect the hoses on your waste paper Baler machineregularly for mechanical abrasion, cuts or other damage. Hoses are susceptible to age and heat, so replace them as you see signs of wear or heat damage.
    And keep the baler’s electrical panels free of dirt and debris, while making sure the electrical panels are securely closed. And as with the hoses, inspect the baler’s wiring and conduits regularly. If you notice any signs of damage, repair it right away so that the safety of your workers and the effectiveness of your machinery isn’t at risk.
    6.Make safety a priority
    Conduct routine safety checks on your waste paper Baler machineand fix any issues as soon as possible. Make sure your machine is well maintained.
    Keep an eye out for structural issues such as cracks or signs of stress on the machine’s frames, welds and cylindrical mouths. If something seems off, exercise caution and suspend operation until the baler meets proper safety standards.
    waste paper Baler machineprocess ?Has your waste paper Baler machineseen better days? Does your facility feel like it’s drowning in waste paper or cardboard box? Turn to nkbaler for help.
    We carry a range of different balers and compactors, designed to deliver long life, excellent reliability and optimal levels of safety with the lowest possible maintenance costs.
  • In the current situation of social development, there is a large amount of green area in the city. At the same time, flowers and trees have become a greening project that people pay attention to. Greening can not only purify the air but also reduce noise.
    Then when the trees grow into large trees, the branches will hinder the construction of the transportation and the city. Therefore, every year, the workers cut off a large number of branches and then burned them, causing a lot of waste and polluting the air.
    In response to environmental protection requirements, our company develops new products and smashes the branches and trims them. It not only saves transportation costs, reduces the accumulation of soil for branches, and purifies the environment. The electric grinder can be used to produce organic compost, improve soil and reduce soil compaction. The fruit fertilizer residue is greatly reduced, or the pruning branches are crushed on the spot and then compressed and packaged to reduce transportation costs. so most of people will consider sawdust baler machine ,Each mass can reach more than 30kg, whether it is loading or transportation, it is divided into convenient, bark, etc. After the various wood scraps are crushed and pressed, the wood powder before molding can be achieved with the straw briquetting machine more information ,

    please visit us :  

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