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  • Commonly used straw balers include semi-automatic straw balers, automatic straw balers, fully automatic straw balers and manual straw balers. Depending on the degree of automation, the name is different and the price is different.
    The straw baler is an environmental protection device that utilizes the hydraulic principle to compress straw, straw, etc. into pieces, which is conducive to the savings, transportation and utilization of straw. It is now widely used in the agricultural animal husbandry industry and plays a huge role in protecting the environment and resources. Straw balers and straw briquetting machines are two different types of equipment. Although the working principle is the same, the structure is very different.

    Straw baler is widely used in various straw baler waste paper mills, old materials recycling companies and other unit enterprises. It is used for packing and recycling old waste paper and plastic straw, which is to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower and reduce transportation. Good equipment for spending.

    safety protection
    1. After the equipment is installed, the grounding protection terminal in the electric control box must be connected to the grounding angle iron with a wire diameter of not less than 16 square millimeters. (The grounding protection angle iron is installed by the customer.) The equipment is not connected to the grounding protection. Check that the grounding protection cable is connected properly.
    2. Non-professionals are prohibited from opening the electrical control box for overhaul.
    3. It is forbidden for users to modify the wiring of the electrical system by themselves.
    4. Users are not allowed to adjust system pressure themselves.
    5. It is forbidden to replace the original accessories on the device by yourself.
    6. Rain protection measures shall be added to the hydraulic system and electrical system of key parts of the equipment.
    7. It is forbidden to operate the equipment under the age of 18.
    8. Operation of equipment is prohibited without training.
    9. Do not allow signs such as tearing, smearing, or safety warnings on the equipment.
    10. Please use a stable power supply with sufficient capacity. Consider the voltage attenuation caused by the long transmission distance when you are far away from the transformer. Use a power cable with sufficient wire diameter.
    11. Fire-fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers should be placed near the equipment. The operator should know how to use the fire extinguisher.
    12. If there is any abnormality such as smoke on the site or equipment, use fire-fighting equipment in time and call the fire.
    13. Children and unrelated persons are prohibited from being in the vicinity of the equipment during operation to avoid accidents.
    14. Please disconnect the main power switch before troubleshooting.
    Remember: All live wiring will accidentally damage the equipment or endanger personal safety.
  • The waste paper baler should pay attention to the following items when loading the test machine:

    1, should pay attention to check the tight seals and pipe joints with or without leakage.
    2. When the gauge pressure reaches a large working pressure, the pressure can be stopped.
    3. During the pressure holding test, within 10 minutes after the motor is stopped, the pure pressure of the table should be greater than 1.96 MPa.

    4. When the gauge pressure reaches the large operating pressure, the safety valve can be automatically opened and the pressure oil flows back to the fuel tank. During the test, the temperature of the fuel tank should not be higher than 65 °C. The unloading test of the NK1070T60 frame-pressed waste paper baler is based on the ability to eject the plastic bag without encountering difficulties. The above items can be produced after they meet the more information ,please

  • The quality of the waste paper baler block is related to the following factors: the integrity of the waste paper baler, the accuracy of the waste paper baler loading; the scrap steel measurement of each mass; the elasticity of the scrap steel used for packaging; The number of spiral swarf added to the massive scrap steel is also a factor on that side. In cold pack, post-extrusion with two identical opposing extrusion heads (NK8060T20, NK080T120, NKY-1600B) results in a tight mass, and on the entire extruder, the extrusion of the latter stage The unit pressure is relatively large under other conditions of the same material. There are some special studies that indicate that the mass is pushed out of the extrusion chamber of the waste paper baler. Its size increases by 6~10%, which in itself means that the density of the mass is reduced, which is the final result of the expansion of the mass under the action of the elastic inner force. When the spiral metal swarf of the high carbon steel and the alloy steel is squeezed in the cold state and the mixture of the scrap steel is used, the degree of density of the mass is particularly large. When the scrap steel loaded in the waste paper baler exceeds a prescribed amount or is loaded into an unannealed elastic large-sized scrap steel (wire rope, etc.), the degree of density of the mass is also lowered. At this time, the length of the block tends to exceed the standard length, and an additional tensile force is generated when more information ,please visit :
  • The advantages of Nick Machinery Factory's automatic waste paper baler are mainly reflected in the following aspects: With the continuous development of China's machinery industry, the degree of automation of machinery is getting higher and higher, and the waste paper baler industry is no exception, and the degree of automation is constantly developing. Automatic waste paper balers are gradually being recognized by more and more users. So what are the automatic waste paper balers?
    1. The work efficiency is high. The automatic waste paper baler automatically presses, threads and knots to realize all automation, and the work efficiency is greatly improved. The waste paper baler equipped with a fully automatic device has nearly doubled the working efficiency;
    2, saving personnel expenses, automatic waste paper baler only need to feed, if it is industrial use of wind suction baler, it is eliminating the manual loading step, saving labor costs for manual operation;
    3, the package type is sturdy and beautiful, the hand-knotted package type is generally not standardized, and it is easy to appear the situation of opening up. The automatic waste paper baler machine is knotted and the knot is strong. Moreover, the package type is also relatively good-looking, and the package type is uniform and the appearance is beautiful. As a packing machine, the waste paper baler must be inspected and maintained to ensure the performance and work efficiency of the waste paper baler. The following four points must be done normally;
    1. Regularly check the screws of each component of the waste paper baler to avoid loosening or falling.
    2, pay attention to the electrical part of the waterproof, moisture, anti-corrosion, anti-rat. The electrical control box and the terminal block need to be kept clean to prevent electrical failure;
    3. The shutdown is bad. The two heat seal rollers should be in the open position to prevent the package material from being burnt.
    4. Regularly give the gear combination of the waste paper baler, the bearing oil hole of the seat bearing and the lubrication of each moving part.
  • China automatic waste paper baler manufacturers. Nick Machinery Factory takes products as the leader, capital as the link, and our factory culture as the core, covering various kinds of hydraulic equipment such as waste paper balers and waste plastic balers; mesh belt conveyors, chain conveyors, etc. device. How to repair the waste paper baler hydraulic pump of Nick Machinery Factory: Waste paper baler In our normal use, it is forbidden to disassemble the hydraulic pump. The hydraulic fluid used in the hydraulic system of the hydraulic baler is very compressible. Under normal circumstances, its influence is negligible, so even if the hydraulic baler system contains a small amount of air, the impact on the hydraulic baler is very large. of. The air dissolved in the oil will escape from the oil when the pressure is low, resulting in gas saturation and cavitation. In the high pressure zone, these bubbles are quickly crushed under the action of pressure oil, which is compressed abruptly, causing noise in the hydraulic baler system. At the same time, when the gas is suddenly compressed, a large amount of heat is released, causing local overheating and hydraulic pressure. The components and hydraulic oil are damaged. The high compressibility of the air also causes the actuator to creep, disrupt the smoothness of the work, and sometimes even cause vibration, which affects the normal operation of the hydraulic baler system. According to the different reasons why the air enters the hydraulic baler system, the following points should be noted in the use and maintenance. First, an exhaust valve should be installed on the upper part of the hydraulic baler to facilitate the discharge of the air in the cylinder and the system. The hydraulic baler adapts to changes in oil temperature and load that are greater than the use of a throttle valve. The parallel hydraulic cylinder synchronous circuit of the control valve using the flow rate has a simple structure and a low cost, so the application is relatively common.

    2. Try to prevent any pressure in the hydraulic baler system from being lower than atmospheric pressure. At the same time, use a particularly good sealing device. Replace the failure in time. Screw the pipe joint and each joint surface to clean the hydraulic pressure. The oil filter at the inlet of the baler tank.

    Third, in daily work, always check the height of the liquid oil surface in the hydraulic baler tank, and its height should be maintained on the oil mark scale line. At the lowest surface, the suction nozzle and the same oil pipe mouth should also be kept below the liquid level and must be separated by a partition. If there is an accident, please stop working more information ,please visit us :
  • With the increasing emphasis on environmental protection industry in China, the development of straw recovery industry will be gradually improved. On this basis, the level of mechanization of progress seems inevitable. As an important part of the packaging machinery industry, straw balers will in the future be diversified into mechanical functions, structural design standardization, modularization, intelligent control, and high-precision structure. The presentation of the straw baler, a mechanical device, is of great significance to China's packaging machinery industry, and the space for the development of this industry in China has been further explored. At the same time, consumers are satisfied with the increasing requirements for product packaging. Taking industry as an example, the use of the baler is indispensable, and its presentation is satisfied with the messy packaging requirements of the product. In addition, the use of this mechanical equipment is high efficiency, high quality, high environmental protection, and various types of low-cost requirements can be completed. In the future, the development of the baler function will be further broken and accustomed to the needs of the more information ,please visit :  
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