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  • Hydraulic systems are widely used, so why use a hydraulic drive system? What is the principle of hydraulic transmission? What are the characteristics? This article takes you through a simple graphic to understand the hydraulic drive system together.
    What is hydraulic transmission
    Hydraulic transmission uses liquid as the working medium. The drive unit converts the mechanical energy of the prime mover into the pressure energy of the liquid, and then through the pipeline, hydraulic control and adjustment devices, etc., the actuator converts the pressure energy of the liquid into mechanical energy to drive the load Achieve linear or rotary motion.
    Why use hydraulic transmission?
    Why convert energy from mechanical energy to hydraulic energy and then hydraulic energy to hydraulic energy?
    Almost all machinery or machines require a transmission mechanism. This is because the prime mover is generally difficult to directly meet the requirements of the actuator in terms of speed, force, torque or movement mode, and it must be adjusted and controlled through the intermediate link-the transmission device. Hydraulic transmission is one of such control methods.
    Other transmission methods are:
    Mechanical transmission: commonly used parts are gears, crankshafts, shafts, belts, etc.

    Electric drive: Common parts are DC motor, thyristor, AC motor, inverter, etc.

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  • New coronavirus pneumonia has been raging for many days, and the number of infections is increasing rapidly. The state's control over the epidemic has become increasingly strict.
    The current primary purpose is still to eliminate and reduce the impact of the epidemic on personal safety, but in the near future, a round of economic accounts will gradually emerge after the epidemic is under control!
    Today we will analyze what impact and opportunities the epidemic may bring to the paper industry!
    1. Anti-work tide breaks after the Spring Festival
    At present, the country has appropriately extended the duration of the Spring Festival holiday (to February 2nd), but this is just the beginning of the epidemic. As the epidemic develops further, the possibility of further extending the legal holiday of the country or region is not ruled out. The massive release of post-holiday labor demand has formed a stark opposition.
    On the other hand, the high degree of overlap between paper-producing provinces and epidemic-prone provinces further aggravates the public's panic, and makes paper mills (especially small and medium-sized paper mills, whose employment contracts often have large randomness) may face an increasingly serious labor shortage. And even lead to the dilemma of not booting after the festival.
    2. Security prevention and control of paper mills as work-intensive areas
    As a people-intensive enterprise, even if the paper mill can guarantee normal startup and operation, the personal safety of many people will be a major test! Daily body temperature detection, plant disinfection, science popularization and other tasks will become an essential part. The management of each paper mill also needs to arrange related preparations in advance.
    3. Shortage of raw materials (mainly waste paper)
    As we all know, more than half of the finished paper in China's paper industry uses waste paper as a raw material. However, each ton of waste paper is collected together through the chain of "scavengers", packing stations, and paper mills. There is a large number of people in the process risk. In the current epidemic period, everyone is afraid of human contact, which will inevitably greatly reduce the efficiency of waste paper recycling and circulation, resulting in a shortage of waste paper raw materials.
    4. Rising demand for express delivery drives up the prices of packaging paper and waste paper
    As mentioned in the paper circle article yesterday, the price of packaging paper is likely to rise rapidly with the increase in the price of waste paper and the demand for terminal express delivery (this also includes the bonus of the impact of low packaging inventory this year on the finished paper). This round of finished paper The potential for price increases is no less than the first year of the waste paper ban.
    5. Demand for paper disposable containers may usher in peak demand
    Just as SARS indirectly spawned and promoted the Internet industry at the time, this round of new coronavirus epidemics is likely to change many current habits of people, and this change in habits and consciousness is more likely to change the fate of an industry!
    In conclusion, even after the epidemic is over, people will still sneer at face-to-face meals in the short term, and the accompanying increasingly independent fast food restaurant market may become the first choice for people after the epidemic. Today, with the trend of plastic limit sweeping, disposable food paper containers will usher in an explosion of demand! Food paper such as cup paper, food cards, and liquid-in-paper will probably become the new darling of the paper industry.
  • Servo hydraulic drive system is an automatic control system that takes mechanical position or angle as the control object, for example, hydraulic baler machine, CNC machine tool, etc.

      The driving motor used in the servo system requires fast response speed, accurate positioning and moment of inertia (the moment of inertia of the servo motor used in the electromechanical system is large, in order to be directly connected to mechanical parts such as the screw. There is a special type of servo motor Small inertia motor, in order to obtain extremely high response speed. However, this type of motor has low overload capacity, when used in the feed servo system, it must be accelerated and decelerated. The moment of inertia reflects the acceleration characteristics of the system. The moment of inertia of the system cannot be greater than 3 times of the moment of inertia of the motor.) This type of special motor is called a servo motor.

      Of course, its basic working principle is no different from ordinary AC and DC motors. The dedicated drive unit for this type of motor is called a servo drive unit, sometimes referred to as a servo, and generally contains a closed loop of current, speed, and / or position.

      Servo is a term for performance. Generally, as long as the approximation of the command and control results reaches a certain level, it can be called servo, which has no direct relationship with the structure of the machine. For example, the servo system does not have a precise range of inertia matching. This is because the result of inertia matching is only as long as it does not affect the control object to follow or influence the main command, and it does not matter whether it is 3 or 3.5. The servo system is not necessarily a motor system, and some pneumatic systems are called pneumatic servos.

    The servo system is essentially a servo system. It's just that the quantity being controlled is displacement or its derivative with time.

      If you want to ask what a servo system is, the output of a system reproduces the input signal in the fastest and most accurate way possible. Its measurement indicators are overshoot and delay.

    The servo system is an automatic control system that enables the output controlled quantity of the object such as the position, orientation and state to follow the arbitrary change of the input target (or given value).

    The main task of the servo is to amplify, transform and adjust the power according to the requirements of the control command, so that the torque, speed and position control output by the drive device are very flexible and more information ,please visit :

  • Affected by the prolongation of the Spring Festival holiday, the operating rate of paper enterprises is not high, and downstream enterprises are still in a state of rest.
    In terms of logistics: transportation is blocked, and the new order volume is not large. At present, most local production enterprises resume work in accordance with the postponement plan, but the possibility of postponing the resumption of production in some regional production companies will not be ruled out.
    In terms of raw materials: most baling stations have slow resumption of work, and domestic baling stations have a low rate of resumption, and paper mills' procurement enthusiasm and arrival volume are relatively low. Affected by the simultaneous delay in supply and demand in the waste paper market, the current price of waste paper is temporarily stable. The amount of approval for waste is reduced, and it is also in the off-season of seasonal trading. Most domestic paper mills choose to wait and see.
    On the supply side: Delaying the start of the paper mill has reduced the supply of finished paper to a certain extent, but some traders and downstream customers have been actively preparing for the warehouse before the holiday. In addition, during the Spring Festival, the production lines of large-scale enterprises normally schedule or rotate production, and corrugated box board. The overall supply of the paper market is still relatively sufficient, and the base paper inventory of enterprises that regularly schedule production and rotate production has increased slightly.
    On the demand side: the holiday market is mainly closed, and downstream demand recovery is relatively slow after the holiday. Coupled with poor logistics and transportation, paper mills mainly focus on small-scale supply in the surrounding area, and mainly to protect the packaging needs of medical supplies. The overall market demand recovery will take time.
    It is expected that in the short term, the corrugated and containerboard market will continue to run lightly and steadily. As downstream demand gradually recovers, the end of February or early March may usher in a small-scale outbreak, but the duration is expected to be short. Therefore, the price of corrugated and containerboard is expected to increase more information ,please visit
  • The progress of the times, the improvement of people's quality of life, waste paper baler product production efficiency we mentioned a new height. We are concerned about the efficiency of the waste paper baler, because he has a huge help for our production and life. Increased efficiency can bring benefits to the company and improve our lives. So today there are a lot of waste paper baler manufacturers are trying to improve product productivity.

    But how can we improve efficiency? We first thought is perhaps the product quality, only the product quality and reliable, its production efficiency can be improved. We all know that today's hydraulic baler technology has been very advanced, the improvement of technology to improve production efficiency is very difficult. But today's market there are many products are not very reliable quality, are more or less there are some flaws. The same time as

    By improving product quality can reduce our unnecessary trouble, so that our application is more handy. Perhaps this is to improve the quality of products on the waste paper baler to improve production efficiency of the bar. If there is a lot of mechanical problems in our production process, then we have to stop to repair the machine, so that not only waste our time, the production of the product also has a great blow. So the quality of the product to improve the efficiency of waste paper baler has a special role. This requires enterprises to be honest, the production of products rigorous testing, for the majority of customers and the packaging market to provide reliable quality waste paper baler.

  • 1. After the equipment is installed, the grounding protection terminal in the electric control box must be connected to the grounding angle iron with a single wire with a diameter of not less than 16 square millimeters. Check whether the ground protection wire is well connected.
    2. Non-professionals are prohibited from opening the electric control box for maintenance.
    3. It is forbidden for users to modify the electrical system wiring by themselves.
    4. The user is not allowed to adjust the system pressure by himself.
    5. It is forbidden for users to replace original accessories on the device.
    6. Above the hydraulic system machine and electrical system of key parts of the equipment, rain cover measures must be added.
    7. Do not operate equipment under the age of 18.
    8. Never operate the equipment without trained personnel.
    9. It is forbidden to tear, smear or other safety signs on the equipment.
    10. Please use a stable power supply with sufficient capacity. When far away from the transformer, consider the voltage attenuation caused by the long transmission distance. Use a power cable with sufficient wire diameter.
    11. Fire-fighting equipment such as fire extinguishers should be placed near the equipment. Operators should master the use of fire extinguishers.
    12. If there is abnormal situation such as smoke on the scene or equipment, use fire fighting equipment in time and call the fire alarm phone.
    13. Children and irrelevant personnel are not allowed to be near the equipment when the equipment is running, so as to avoid accidents.
    14. Please turn off the main power switch before maintenance. Remember: All live wiring will accidentally damage the equipment or endanger personal safety.
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